What is the Purpose of an Arhatic Yoga Retreat?

To join Master Pranic Healers and fellow Arhatic Yoga practitioners for 3 days of inner transformation, cleansing, joy, fellowship, spiritual lectures, growth, renewed inspiration, fun, blissful meditations, healing on all levels and moreā€¦

Excellent Reasons to Join the Retreat

  1. Nourish your Soul for 3 days without any distractions. Progress spiritually by basking in an environment filled with Divine Light, Divine Love and Divine power.
  2. Enjoy priceless teachings given by Master Pranic Healers to deepen your understanding and practice.
  3. Purify yourself of all your stress, worries and tensions to be able to let go and meditate at a very deep level.
  4. Infuse your life with divine energy and manifest peace, harmony, abundance and success in all areas of your life.
  5. Absorb tremendous blessings generated by the group of Arhatic Yogas to recharge yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and bless 2023.

This Retreat will be one of the most memorable experiences in 2023

Our connection to the divine is our direct link to bringing into our lives a tremendous downpour of wisdom, clarity, strength, guidance and protection.

During this retreat, you will benefit from an environment designed to build this connection and anchor so much divine energy into your life.

Come to experience the joy of spiritual friendships and bonding.

Plan this retreat as a venue to plant the right seeds to continue to improve your life and inner growth.