Spiritual rejuvenation and deep clarity

An Arhatic Yoga Retreat provides a deep spiritual rejuvenation, a cleansing of the Soul, a recalibration and liberation, offering deeper clarity and understanding. This, along with all the fun times and new experiences shared with other wonderful souls, what an amazing life experience!

N.B. Canada.

The event I cannot miss

For me the Arhatic Retreat is the Pranic Healing event that I cannot miss. There is so much cleansing and healing that goes on in a concentrated time frame unlike any other gathering. The pool is what I enjoy the most…I believe that participating in my own cleansing is a powerful gesture to heal myself and an acknowledgement to the Universe that I am ready to grow.

L.K. New Jersey


After a very challenging and educational 2 year detour, the last Arhatic retreat was exactly what I needed to be reminded of my true self and my true purpose. Subtle but firm, the downpour of energy helped to release and expel unwanted energies, so that I could make room for more truth and more light. Since the retreat I’ve been leading weekly meditations, have mended and improved relationships and have been inspired to do more service. I know that I am growing on every level and in the process of becoming a better, more complete person. Thank you Master Choa, for your priceless blessings, teachings and the gift of Arhatic Yoga.

H.D.S. New Jersey


When Master Choa guides us to think of a happy event in our lives my thoughts circle around the experiences I have had at the Arhatic Yoga retreats. Here I experience Master and His generosity for the miraculous on a very deep level. In each attendance I am deeply transformed, rejuvenated, and enlightened. As a bonus I have an opportunity to delight in this rich experience with the various disciples of Master Choa Kok Sui and my brothers and sisters of the path. A truly rewarding weekend.

K. S. Pennsylvania


Arhatic Yoga retreats are a gift from heaven. It is fantastic to be in the fine company of like-minded practitioners to share experiences, see old friends and make new ones. I love the international flavor of the event as well. Having three or more Masters in one conference is truly amazing. The experience inspires one to a new level of dedication and provides the opportunity to refresh our skills. Stimulating new teachings are a generous bonus. I can’t wait for the next one.

V. G. D. Atlanta